What is Relbiz.net?

This is a B2B Network, which operates an online professional platform through which our registered members can access other members in order to advance and promote their businesses in different markets. Through this website you can share your contacts and business information with potential partners, distributors, financing sources, consultants.

Through our database members create an online profile page in which they can search, connect and communicate with potential business contacts and locate sales leads, financing, information and other opportunities to grow and expand their businesses.

The network is managed by national associations of SMEs and it is free of charge for all member-businesses.


How to get registered if I am for the first time here?

Welcome to our world! First of all you have to create an account: company’s name, email address, country, and password. You acknowledge that this information is personal to your company, and by creating an account here, you allow others, including other registered companies, to identify you and to allow our partners to use your information in accordance with our User Agreement. After having registered, you will get a confirmation by e-mail from our team. After that you will be able to post your buiness co-operation proposals and inquiries.


If I am not a member of SME organisation, how can I get an access?

This site is a free service for businesses, who are members in their national enterprise organisations. You are welcome to join us. Please select the organization of your country from the list:

and send us your enquiry here , we will contact you in three business days.

Joining a business association has many benefits for you as entrepreneur, this service being just one.


How to create a profile?

Once you become a User, you are welcome to create your profile. This is the information that your connections, other professionals, and companies see about you. This includes a short description of your company (the field of activity) and information you are interested to share in (sales offer, purchase info, find a distributor/investor, etc). You can add documents in .pdf format and photos – anything you would like to share with your potentional partner. Providing additional information enables you to derive more benefits from this site by helping you build your professional identity, leverage your business and facilitate your search for information and new opportunities. By the way, you have control over what you share, and you can update information at any time.


If I find a suitable business contact, how to connect with them?

In order to connect with others here, you may send invitations to their profiles, offers. You may also choose to manually enter or upload data about your contacts to the “Contacts” section of your account on our site.  All information that you enter or upload about your contacts is covered by the User Agreement.


Who is the administrator of this site?

The administration of this web-site is taken care of the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after prof. Kounyavski (Belarus) – BSPN.BY