How to get registered if I am for the first time here?

Welcome to our world! First of all you have to create an account: company’s name, email address, country, and password. You acknowledge that this information is personal to your company, and by creating an account here, you allow others, including other registered companies, to identify you and to allow our partners to use your information in accordance with our User Agreement. After having  registered, you will get a confirmation by e-mail from our team. After that you will be able to post your buiness co-operation proposals and inquiries.

Conditions of using RELBIZ.NET – internet platform for exchange of business opportunities

  1. Any company – member of the participating business association can register on the portal and get a login / password for placing its business proposals. Participating associations are listed on RelBiz.NET. The registration approval is made manually by the portal's administrators (currently - by the BUEE staff). After approval of the company registration, its login/password becomes activated and allows to use the services. User manual is available on RelBiz.NET.
  2. Members of business associations are offered additional services to promote their business proposals: attaching an ad, highlighting it with a frame, a colored background, etc.
  3. New business associations can join as partners of the RelBiz.NET project free of charge and receive:
    a. their own page for presenting their services and country information
    b. administrative access for registering new members of the organization on the RelBiz.NET portal
    c. their own news blog for publishing local news and announcements
    d. templates and models of marketing and promotional materials of the portal to facilitate advertising and promotion of the portal among its members.
  4. To join as a new partner, a filled application needs to be sent to the main administrator of the site at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  5. Members of business associations, who use RelBiz.net annually receive on their accounts in RelBiz.NET bonus points, which can be used to pay for advertising allocation and promotion of their offers in a common database.
  6. Viewing of the business proposals placed on RelBiz.net is free and open to the public, with or without registration.
  7. Third-party organizations wishing to use the additional services of the portal (allocation of adverts, placement of their news and announcements in the event stream, search of the required information in the common database of offers) - pay for these services in accordance with the current tariffs for portal services. Please contact the administrator of your country for information.

Valid from 20.12.2017

If I am not a member of SME organisation, how can I get an access?

This site is a free service for  businesses, who are members in their national enterprise organisations. You are welcome to join us. Please select the organization of your country  from the list:

and send us your enquiry here , we will contact you in three business days. Joining a business association has many benefits for you as entrepreneur, this service being just one.

How to create a profile?

Once you become a User, you are welcome to create your profile. This is the information that your connections, other professionals, and companies see about you. This includes a short description of your company (the field of activity) and information you are interested to share in (sales offer, purchase info, find a distributor/investor, etc). You can add documents in .pdf format and photos – anything you would like to share with your potentional partner. Providing additional information enables you to derive more benefits from this site by helping you build your professional identity, leverage your business and facilitate your search for information and new opportunities. By the way, you have control over what you share, and you can update information at any time.


download You may download Application Form or User's Manual here.